Competency Productions

Developing competency models for your organization.
Competency Productions is Al Jadarah’s response to organizations’ needs that provide solutions through developing competency models for your organization. This product is aimed at individuals, specific jobs/ positions, teams, units, entire organization. The product is best for you if you are facing problems in your organization such as these:

  • Staff showing less productivity
  • Organizational culture and values losing its focus
  • Business strategies unaligned with divisional/ functional strategies
  • Organization having reactive rather than proactive approach

This product benefits you as it provides powerful decision making tool, creates ‘learning organization’, integrates organizational and personal objectives, generates measurable processes, standardize process across SBUs/ geographical boundaries. Applicable on job profiles, performance appraisals, psychometric tests, employee development such as career path and training plans, succession planning Competency Productions provides you complete competency related development, deployment and implementation.