Do More With Less

Ultimate business efficiency model.
Do more with less is a business efficiency model, which helps the organization to reduce their cost of doing business by improving the process efficiency and productivity. Of course, developing a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes efficiency without compromising customer requirements and business growth is a tricky proposition. You have to resist pressure to make indiscriminate cuts or slash headcount across the board. Your job is to trim the fat — not cut into the bone. You need to identify core competencies where efficiency can be improved, trim and consolidate non-core functions, and reinvest the savings in critical business operations. Our enterprise cost reduction program Do more with less improves your business performance through immediate and sustainable cost structure reductions. The opportunities that we identify for our clients yield savings exceeding 10 times our consulting fee. Most of the savings are realized within 6 to 12 months of our consultancy service.

How do we do it? We examine all significant costs across all the functions of your business. Then we help you develop and carry out solutions, addressing core processes, organizational design and culture along the way. Enterprise cost reduction eliminates unnecessary steps and duplicate activities, non-payroll as well as payroll spend falls. The product also introduces lean operation concepts in the organization and develops scorecards on major KPIs of the processes.